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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my Dog get out of the training session?

Your dog will learn to:

  • Respect limits and boundaries. 

  • Exhibit proper behavior

  • See you as their Alpha

What will I get out of the training session?

You will learn:

  • the Fundamentals of Dog Psychology and how to use it to communicate and command your dog.

  • how to be your dog's Alpha.

Do I need to be present for the training or can I just drop off my dog?

You must present since you will be the one receiving the training. Just like our slogan says, we Train People to be Pack Leaders.

Am I allowed to bring someone with me?

Yes! You may bring your spouse and/or any other family member that participates in taking care of the dog at home. 


Click here to check out our Youtube Channel, where you

can see our most recent training videos.

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