These 2 dogs belong to clients of ours and they need to be rehomed as soon as possible.
1) LAKOTA, 2yrs old, female, 45lbs., Red Heeler-Yellow Lab-German
    Shepherd Mix.
Medical info:
Spayed, up-to-date vaccinations, last time vaccinated in March 2011 (rabbies, kennel cough, stomach parasites, parvo), up-to-date flea and tick monthly treatment (last treatment given on Sept. 15), up-to-date heart worms monthly treatment (last treatment given on Oct. 2). Records of all medical information available.
Dog comes with:
Large metal kennel, two large bowls, two small bowls, kennnel-attachable bowl, two toys, nail file, nail clippers, collar, name tag, rabbies shot tag, leash (6ft), leash (30ft), gentle leader collar, mush muzzle, two blankets, towel, doggy backpack, two brushes, food container (20lbs), food scooper, large bag of food (30lbs), large bag of assorted doggy treats, box of canine aspirine, box of joint care supplements, 3 doses of monthly treatment for fleas and ticks.
"She is perfect for a household with just one or two adults. Unfortunatelly she's not good with children so please keep her away from them. The reason for this is because she was raised in a household with adults only so she is not confortable with small children." - Mirela (previous owner)
The following breeds are what we can currently get for you:
1) Belgian Malinois (below is a sample pic of what it looks like)
2) Yorkshire Terrier (below is a sample pic of what it looks like)
We have the ability to get you the above mentioned breeds and train them for you once you receive the dog.
Visit our 'Contact Us' page to let us know if you are interested.